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Have you ever been rejected for being different? Maybe you didn’t get a shot at something big because you were different. Well here’s a story about one of the best wines Lewis Station Winery produces (In the winemakers opinion anyway) that never received a medal. Why you ask… because a “wine judge” never had the opportunity to try it.

So our winemaker sent in the Dry County Cabernet Sauvignon to a wine competition in New York. Anyway, our Dry County Cabernet Sauvignon gets its name from Lynchburg, Tennessee where Jack Daniels is produced and it’s a dry county. You see, this wine is very original, very unique as it is aged with used Jack Daniels oak barrels. This wine has all of the pleasantries of Cabernet Sauvignon with the uniqueness of charcoal and whiskey on the nose from the Jack Daniels barrel. This wine has been so popular that when we release it (60 cases at a time) it sells out in just a few short weeks.

Our winemaker reserved 4 bottles of this wine for the competition. When the results came back from the competition for our wines, we did not have a result for the Dry County Cabernet Sauvignon. Our other wines won silver medals, but nothing for the best wine we produce. When the winemaker called, he was told that our Dry County Cabernet Sauvignon was poured into a wine glass next to all of the other Cabernet Sauvignons that were entered into the competition. The pre-judge smelled all of the wines and when he came to our wine… it smelled different. Because it smelled different, he assumed (WITHOUT EVEN TRYING THE WINE) the wine was faulty and bad. Therefore he REJECTED the wine and poured all 4 bottles down the drain.

All I can say is the judges missed something fantastic. Maybe we didn’t get a medal for this wine, but we did get an incredible story. Don’t miss this wine as it’s only available at the winery in limited production. Stop by and try for yourself… you get to be the judge of our “REJECTED” Dry County Cabernet Sauvignon.