We are one of Wisconsin's most unique premium urban wineries in a re-purposed  gas station. We specialize in small-batch, hand crafted premium award-winning wines using a low sulfite, natural approach to wine making.  We also have a large variety of Wisconsin craft beers and an incredible bistro style food menu. We also have a large selection of olive oils and vinegar’s for tasting too.

All wines are only $1.00 per sample. Enjoy the wines of Wisconsin’s First Certified Craft Winery, by the Craft Wine Organization of America (CraftWine.Org)

NO FOOD ON 6/1/2019 - Charcuterie Board Avail.

We’re excited to announce that Lewis Station Winery was 1 of 40 wineries in the country to be featured in the newest release of “Best of the Best Wines - Hidden Gems of America 2019”