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Sweet Wines


Sweet Wines

Artisan Craft Wine Making Statement

“Lewis Station Winery produces craft artisan wines made properly with minimal use of additives. They are handmade on a very small scale by our small family winery combining traditional techniques with modern advancements.

Many of the farmers we buy from are organically or biodynamically growing grapes although they don't believe in having to pay annual fees to be certified as such. They don't see any reason why they should be charged for growing grapes as they've always grown them.

Our wines are very low in sulphites and any of the other 80+ chemicals commonly found in big brand factory produced wines WILL NOT be found in ours. All wines are sterile filtered through biodegradable pads to ensure freshness of fruit, cleanliness, purity and that all the natural anti oxidants are left in the wine. With this manufacturing approach, many of our customers don’t experience the negative effects of headaches and such.

They are a very healthy lifestyle choice, and of course when buying our wines you will also be helping a small dedicated winemaker and winery, as without customers we would not be able to continue making these fantastic wines.

Thank You.”

Rob Lewis, Winemaker

Sparkling Waters White

Tropical Fruit Viognier: A crystal clear color which is the result of a special blend of Viognier and tropical fruits. The wine bursts with sweetness and has tropical notes of pineapple, citrus and melon. "Sparkling Waters" is supposedly an indigenous name for Rock Lake... where the water sparkles of clarity in Legendary Lake Mills.  

$12 Bottle / $5 glass


Rock Lake Symphony

Mandarin Orange Muscat: A delicious blend of ripe mandarin orange flavors and crisp citrus notes combined with the lovely smell and taste of the Muscat grape. This sweet wine will pair beautifully with spicy foods. How to describe a perfect evening in Lake Mills: Sitting on the sandy beach of Rock Lake watching the sunset with a cold bottle of Rock Lake Symphony. 

$12 bottle / $5 glass


Lost Pyramid Red

Cranberry Syrah: Have you heard about the lost pyramids in Lake Mills? I hear they are at the bottom of Rock Lake. While spending time on the lake gazing through the water looking for the lost pyramids, you'll want a delicious bottle of Lost Pyramid Red to keep you company. The tartness of the cranberries blends beautifully with the spiciness of the Syrah. This wine will sure be the crowd pleaser. Good luck on your search!  

$12 bottle / $5 glass


Grist Mill Red

Blackberry Merlot: The natural combination of slight tart acidity with the pleasant sweetness that makes blackberries so appealing is the perfect complement to the robust and lively Merlot. Lake Mills name comes from the two working mills at the time; The (red) Grist Mill and the Saw Mill.     

$12 bottle / $5 glass


AztalanZin Red

Pomegranate Zinfandel: The Pomegranate's earthy, rich juice balances with Zinfandel's slightly spicy, robust grapes creating a delicate slightly spicy sweetness that has a particular uniqueness on the first sip and leaves you wanting more. The AztalanZin wine is a tribute to the indigenous people of the area. Aztalan State park is just a few minutes drive from Lake Mills off Hwy B.  In fact when you visit the state park, the label will make perfect sense.       

$12 bottle / $5 glass

Crazy A

Green Apple Riesling: This wine is a semi-sweet green apple riesling. You don't have to be crazy to enjoy this wine... but drinking too much could make you &^%#... I think you get the point. The Crazy Apple wine is fruity and tart like a green apple but with the sweetness of a riesling! Can you say... YUM.   

$12 bottle / $5 glass

bartels peach

peach chardonnay: subtle peach flavors and bouquet to be enjoyed by the bottle at Bartels Beach in lake mills. Nothing like a great wine and a beautiful sunset over the water.



Black Cherry Pinot Noir: It's a semi-sweet black cherry Pinot Noir. Lot's of black cherry fruit with a hint of the earthy Pinot Noir! This wine is a tribute to my all time favorite movie. I'm not going to tell you what movie it is, so let's see if  you can figure that one out. One thing for sure is, "I'm not drinking any &%$&@ Merlot." <Actually, Merlot is a favorite of mine>    

$12 bottle / $5 glass


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Dry Wines

Dry Wines

Our California Chardonnay

89 Points - Silver Medal | Best Buy

Bright golden color. Aromas and flavors of honeyed grilled pineapple and lemon custard pie with hints of oak and vanilla with a fruity medium plus body and a round, tangy, toasty caramel apple finish. A very fruity and crowd pleasing chardonnay.  

$19 bottle / $6 glass


Pinot Grigio

Our Pinot Grigio wine is a dry, crisp white wine high in acidity and low in tannins. Often described as having a floral, smoky, honey-tinged flavor with a minor citrus kick! Our Pinot Grigiopairs well with seafood, pork and chicken.  

$17 bottle / $6 glass




Garnet violet color. Bold aromas and flavors of blueberry cobbler,  mocha toffee, and frosted apricot pastry with a supple, very fruity medium-to-full body and a spicy coffee cake finish. Deliciously confected berry and spice flavors abound. This Zinfandel is part of our signature series collection of wines ... Stop by and sample today!!!    

Rated 91 Points - Gold Medal Winner at the World Wine Competition 2014
Rated #1 WINE IN WISCONSIN at the 2014 Circus Of Chefs Gala -Circus World Museum

$19 bottle / $6 glass

It's a young wine that will grow and become even more complex over the next 2-4 years...

pinot noir

Our Pinot Noir is toasty, fruity aromas of spicy cherry tart, toffee and hint of jerky with silky, bright, dry-yet-fruity medium body. It has a medium length with hints of praline and beet relish with a delicate balance of oak.

Rated 90 Points - Gold Medal Winner at the World Wine Competition 2015



Deep purple color, lively fruit, creamy aromas of huckleberry jam, crème brulee, nut brittle, honey baked ham, with a satiny, crisp, fruity medium body and a smooth, delightful breezy bing cherry finish with silky tannins and light oak.

Rated 88 Points - Silver Medal Winner at the World Wine Competition 2015
Rated #2 WINE IN WISCONSIN at the 2015 Circus Of Chefs Gala - Circus World Museum

$20 BOTTLE / $ 6 GLASS

Cabernet Sauvignon

Long considered the King of the red varietals, Cab, as it is affectionately known, has an unmistakable texture and black currant nose. Firm tannins envelop the wine locking in its vibrant dark cherry color. Wonderful earthy and floral tones give it complexity as it pushes some very dynamic fruit tones forward. We have aged this wine in French and American oak. Will age very well and maintain its seductive fruit during those years.

$19 BOTtle / $6 glass



We are the first winery in the state to use Jack Daniels barrels for wine aging! Why dry county? This Cabernet is aged with Jack Daniels Oak… take a smell. Delicious, velvety and smooth with hints of charcoal, toasted barrels and whiskey.

Rated #1 WINE IN WISCONSIN at the 2015 Circus Of Chefs Gala - Circus World Museum <Wine was not rejected at this competition :)>

$28 BOTTLE / $8 GLASS 

So here is a real story about our Dry County Cabernet Sauvignon... sorry it's so long, but certainly worth the read!

Have you ever been rejected for being different? Maybe you didn’t get a shot at something big because you were different. Well here’s a story about one of the best wines Lewis Station Winery produces (In the winemakers opinion anyway) that never received a medal. Why you ask… because a “wine judge” never had the opportunity to try it.

So our winemaker sent in the Dry County Cabernet Sauvignon to a wine competition in New York. Anyway, our Dry County Cabernet Sauvignon gets its name from Lynchburg, Tennessee where Jack Daniels is produced and it’s a dry county. You see, this wine is very original, very unique as it is aged with used Jack Daniels oak barrels. This wine has all of the pleasantries of Cabernet Sauvignon with the uniqueness of charcoal and whiskey on the nose from the Jack Daniels barrel. This wine has been so popular that when we release it (60 cases at a time) it sells out in just a few short weeks.

Our winemaker reserved 4 bottles of this wine for the competition. When the results came back from the competition for our wines, we did not have a result for the Dry County Cabernet Sauvignon. Our other wines won silver medals, but nothing for the best wine we produce. When the winemaker called, he was told that our Dry County Cabernet Sauvignon was poured into a wine glass next to all of the other Cabernet Sauvignons that were entered into the competition. The pre-judge smelled all of the wines and when he came to our wine… it smelled different. Because it smelled different, he assumed (WITHOUT EVEN TRYING THE WINE) the wine was faulty and bad. Therefore he REJECTED the wine and poured all 4 bottles down the drain.

All I can say is the judges missed something fantastic. Maybe we didn’t get a medal for this wine, but we did get an incredible story. Don’t miss this wine as it’s only available at the winery in limited production. Stop by and try for yourself… you get to be the judge of our “REJECTED” Dry County Cabernet Sauvignon.



Tuscan TRIO - blend of Sangiovese (25%), Zinfandel (25%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (50%)... Aged 6 months in French oak barrels. Absolutely Devine!! - Dark Ruby color, full body, hints of dark cherry, spice, smoke $40 per bottle... This beauty is delicious now but will only develop into something pretty incredible over the next several years! 
Only 48 cases produced... Very limited production.

$28 Bottle / $8 glass


Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon   -
Aged 6 months with American Oak and French Barrels - $28 bottle / $8 glass

100% Cabernet Sauvignon aged in American Oak and French Barrels. This is our limited release Barrel Reserve Cabernet!
Full Body, toasty on the nose and palate with hints of black currant, blackberry, tobacco and vanilla spice!

Wisconsin bourbon barrel aged Cabernet Sauvignon - $28 bottle / $8 glass

We are the first winery in the country to use J. Henry Bourbon barrels for aging wine! 100% Cabernet Sauvignon aged in USED J. Henry & Sons Distillery Wisconsin Bourbon whiskey barrels (Barrels made with Wisconsin Oak). If you're a fan of the Dry County Cabernet, then you'll be a fan of this wine. You will taste and smell the bourbon whiskey on this wine.



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Dessert Wines

Dessert Wines

Knickerbocker Ice Wine

Our Ice wine is a rare gift from a magical Canadian winter. Picked at the coldest moment of a winter's night, each frozen grape creates just one drop of Ice wine. One smooth rich, luxurious drop. Knickerbocker Ice is at its best when it's served wintery cold and sipped before dessert, with dessert or even as a dessert! 

$25  375ml


Chocolat Cerise

"Chocolate Cherry Port"

Bursting with rich, intense flavors and aromas, this wine has a traditional Port character of warmth, supported by a racy zing of bright cherry,  perfumed and gently tart, giving way to luscious liquid chocolate. Sure to be a "best seller"




Port style wine aged with Free Trade Guatemalan Coffee Beans.  This wine is the beautiful marriage of a port wine and coffee. If you like dessert wine and coffee... then this will be a treat for you.

$20 375ml








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