Knickerbocker Ice Wine

Our Ice wine is a rare gift from a magical Canadian winter. Picked at the coldest moment of a winter's night, each frozen grape creates just one drop of Ice wine. One smooth rich, luxurious drop. Knickerbocker Ice is at its best when it's served wintery cold and sipped before dessert, with dessert or even as a dessert! 

$25  375ml


Chocolat Cerise

"Chocolate Cherry Port"

Bursting with rich, intense flavors and aromas, this wine has a traditional Port character of warmth, supported by a racy zing of bright cherry,  perfumed and gently tart, giving way to luscious liquid chocolate. Sure to be a "best seller"




Port style wine aged with Free Trade Guatemalan Coffee Beans.  This wine is the beautiful marriage of a port wine and coffee. If you like dessert wine and coffee... then this will be a treat for you.

$20 375ml